Author: BIM&CO

The COBie format and the importance of an object's data for the specification

The specification, a real challenge for the manufacturer. The further upstream the specification is performed and locked, the more the manufacturer gains visibility and an idea of its volume and can monitor the project as closely as possible. Hence the reason it is important for a manufacturer to provide objects with data. Here we will analyse the functioning of the C...

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The importance of the generic BIM objects in the design phase

The design phase of a construction project is a crucial phase. In fact, the decisions made at this stage will have a significant impact throughout the process right through to the facility management and maintenance of the building. As the number of actors is likely to increase between each phase, depending on the complexity of the building, it is important to ensure...

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ENGIE : "BIM will affect all of our skills and practices"

BIM&CO interviews Eric Lamendour, BIM & Digital Solutions Director for ENGIE, on BIMWorld Munich BIM&CO : What is BIM for ENGIE ? Eric Lamendour : BIM totally fits ENGIE strategy. For us, BIM is a way to support ENGIE global and integrated offerings from design to facility management and renovation. And the key for us is to manage the data throughout the...

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